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My Little World

Pink Evil Squishie Bunny!

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Welcome to "My little World"! This is my very own community were you the people can read my opinions about the world and such! I'm making this for friends only so deal with it!

Name: Samantha
Also known as: Akito, Ran, or Sami
Birthday : March 21
Zodiac Sign : Aries
Favorite band : MCR and Gorillaz
Favorite Songs : All of the songs by Gorillz and MCR
Favorite Color : Fuchsia, Orange, Lime Green, Purple, light blue, pink, aqua, yellow and deep blue.
Favorite Animal : Dogs
Favorite Subject : None
Most Hated Subject : Physical Education
Quote: Shoot Till Ill
Likes: a. i. love you, absolute boyfriend, adult swim, ah! my goddess, air, anime, anime dvds, avatars, azumanga daioh, banners, birthdays, blink182, boy bands, candy, carebears, cartoons, case closed, cd player, chaning my hair color, cheese, china, chinese food, chobits, clothes, colors, computer, corpse bride, credit cards, desire, disney movies, dnangel, doremi, eye liner, family, flcl, flowers, fma, fmws, food, forums, friends, fruits basket, gals!, gir, girl got game, going to the mall, going to the movies, gorillaz, greenday, halloween, hamtaro, hands off, hanging out with friends, harry potter, high school girls, hot topic, i luv halloween, inuyasha, invader zim, ipod, japan, johnny depp, joining clubs, junk food, just a girl, kkj, kodocha, linkin park, live journal, lord of the rings, love hina, loveless, magic knight rayearth, making clubs, making movies, manga, manga books, marmalade boy, mcr, mermaids, miracle girls, money, music, my boyfriend, my cell phone, my forum, my home phone, my pool, my real journal, my room, nail polish, nana, negima, night before christmas, painting, painting my nails, passion, pets, pita-ten, pizza, pizza hut, planet ladder, plushies, princess ai, rave master, reading, sailor moon, samurai champloo, scary books, scary movies, school, shirahime-syo, shopping online, simple plan, slushies, soda, sprites, star wars, stars, suki, sushi, swimming, taking pictures, tenchi muyo, the-n, tokyo, tokyo mew mew, topical islands, tv, ultra manic, until the full moon, vampires, video games, wedding peach, writting, yaoi, yu yu hakusho, zodiac pi.

Thats some. I also I really enjoy Jpaness Rock and Pop. Also I love my green Ipod.^-^ I like BoA too! I might list some of my favorite songs and the lyrics later. Aslo reasons why I enjoy the things I like. I also enjoy making Candybar dolls!

My dislikes: Any thing kind of food thats green, bugs, lotion, sunblock, little kids, sports, make up, rap music, the doctor, traveling, airplanes, mints, Europe, soap, shampoo, hair brush, bushing my hair, washing my hair, purses, text books, the toilet, and when I have to take pictures.

Also please join my forum Star Jewel!

Also Thanks two_princess for the layout: